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Dec 2005 UGC NET Questions & Answers: Part 6

UGC NET Home Science Question Paper with Answers, December 2005

Questions 46-50

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In this article, I have given answers to December 2005 UGC NET Examination question paper for Home Science Subject. The 50 questions are split into 6 separate articles; you will see the last set of questions, 46 to 50 here. The answers are given at the end of this article.

46. Match the following List –I with List -II
List – IList - II
(a) Video(i) Audio aid
(b) Slide(ii) Projected audio visual aid
(c) Chart(iii) Projected visual aid
(d) Tape recorder(iv) Non-projected visual aid
(v) Multimedia aid


47. Match the following List- I with List - II
List – IList - II
(a) Berlo D.K.(i) Cone of Experience
(b) Edgar Dale(ii) Adoption-Diffusions
(c) Roger E.M.(iii) PRA
(d) Robert Chambers(iv) Agricultural Development
(v) Communication


48. Match the following List- I with List - II
List – IList - II
(a) Histogram(i) Characterstic not capable to measure accurately
(b) Quantitative variable(ii) A value that divides set into equal part
(c) Median(iii) Frequency distribution done graphically
(d) Variance  (iv) Distribution of value with respect to mean


The National  Literacy  Mission (NLM) defines literacy as acquiring the skill of reading, writing, and arithmetic and the ability to apply them to ones day to day life. The goal of the NLM goes beyond the simple achievement of self-reliance in literacy and numeracy of functional literacy, The acquisition of functional literacy results in empowerment and improvement in quantity of life. Literacy is integrated with general educations which include knowledge of basic features of constitution of India, promotion of national integration and deepening of the cultural background. The participants are encouraged to learn about health and family planning importance of conservation of environment, relevance of science and scientific temper for shaping the future.

Functionality is improvement of vocational skills for non productive use of time. And also to supplement one’s income through village industries and other industries. Awareness  is a significant element of learning. It aims at makes the learner capable to shape their own future through interlinking of leaving, reflection, and concrete action. These can only be attended through the education system that intergrate  teaching , research and extension.

49. Functional literacy ensures
(a) Reading and writing skill
(b) Skill development
(c) Arithmetic and problem solving skill
(d) Income generation

(A) a and c
(B) c and  b
(C) b and d
(D) All of above

50. Outcome of functional literacy is
(a) Improvement of quality of life
(b) Promotion of National integration
(c) Improving scientific temper
(d) Conservation of environment

(A) b and  c
(B) a and c
(C) b and d
(D) All of above

46(B), 47(B), 48(C), 49(D), 50(D)

Did you find the above questions & answers useful in your preparation for UGC NET/ SET examination? Do you agree with the answers given above? If not, you are welcome to give us your answer and tell us why do you think so? Do you have anything else to share with us? Feel free to leave your comments.

Answers to June 2006 Question paper to follow soon ...

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