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Dec 2005 UGC NET Questions & Answers

UGC NET Home Science Question Paper with Answers, December 2005
In this article, I have given answers to December 2005 UGC NET Examination question paper for Home Science Subject. The 50 questions are split into 6 separate articles; you will see questions 1 to 10 here. The answers are given at the end of this article.

1. An inhibitor found in pulse is
(A) Trpsin
(B) Pepsin
(C) Biotin
(D) Avidin

2. An enzyme activated during sprouting is
(A) Papain
(B) Bromelain
(C) Amylase
(D) Renin

3. A sulphur containing amino acid is
(A) Methionine
(B) Cysteine
(C) Histadine
(D) Argenine

4. A person is said to have a normal blood pressure when diastolic and systolic pressure is
(A) 120/ 90 mm/Hg
(B) 110/ 80 mm/Hg
(C) 140/ 100 mm/Hg
(D) 120/ 80 mm/Hg

5. One of the following is known as bad cholesterol
(D) Triglycerides

6. Al a carte menu means:
(A) Serving appetiser
(B) Packed lunch
(C) Single meal
(D) Choice within a menu

7. Shrinkage of cotton fabrics can be reduced by
(A) Mercerisation process
(B) Sanforization process
(C) Felting process
(D) Calendering process

8. Natural dyes are
(A) more eco friendly and non allergic
(B) faster to light and washing
(C) fixed with mordants which are eco-friendly
(D) less costly and available in plenty

9. Generally dry cleaning treatment is given to
(A) Silk and wool
(B) Synthetic blended fabric
(C) Regenerated cellulose fibres
(D) Natural minor fibres

10. Online e- marketing is conducted by
(A) T.V media
(B) Business to consumer only
(C) Business to business only
(D) Internet - website

1(A), 2(C), 3(A), 4(D), 5(C), 6(C), 7(B), 8(A), 9(A), 10(B)

Questions 11 to 50 to follow soon ...

Did you find the above questions & answers useful in your preparation for UGC NET/ SET examination? Do you have anything to share with us? Feel free to leave your comments.

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